Life as an infj indeed

February 24, 2007

Today I found out that I am a rare breed.  Only 1% of the general population are infj(s).  What does that mean?  Well – – for those who do not know – – infj refers to the results of my Myers-Briggs type indicator test results (Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging).  I scored particularly high in the ‘feeling’ category.  But then again I am half Martin (my mom’s Maiden name – – the Martins are emotional people).

I’ve been very interested lately in looking at personality profiles.  I recognize that they really only point out our dominant features and are only general – – yet they seem to have a remarkable amount of accuracy.  My profile description really described me well (I think!)…

Understanding my own personality could only give me insight as to why I act, or react, the way I do.  I helps me to have better perspective on why I  am the way I am.  So I think that I should be clear with all of you up front.  I may emote more than the average guy, but I’m ok with that.  I hope that you can enjoy thinking with me and I look forward to a long stint of writing and reflecting.

I might just add up front that I am especially interested in blogging because of a couple of friends of mine who religiously share their thoughts and insights with the world.  Chris Lewis (I’m not sure how to make links yet – – or I would put it right here…his name would be blue and you could click on it – – cool) who insists that I should start writing songs and Ian McLaren.  I hope that this blog proves worthy of the high standards you have set and I aspire to one day have my blog in a person’s own personal blog list…in time.

As a final note, I thought I would share with you a list of people who share the same personality with me.  I found it at Wikipedia and was peasantly surprised at the company I could be keeping…

Nelson Mandella – 11th South African president
Goethe – late 18th and early 19th century German poet and philosopher
Fyodor Dostoevsky – 19th century Russian author
Martin Luther King Jr. – 20th century American civil rights activist
Jesus – I’m not kidding…weird.
Nicole Kidman – the hot flute player in “The Interpreter”.

Plus – – – Billy Crystal, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jamie Foxx, Mahatma Ghandi, Audrey Hepburn and Lieutenant Worf (Star Trek: TNG).

Please let me know if I am in the presence of any other infj(s)…


5 Responses to “Life as an infj indeed”

  1. Bree said

    so… one question… you were “peasantly” surprised??? is that the surprise of a lower class citizen in the 18th century or??? hehe. .. 😀

  2. Chris said

    I completely disagree with your arguments and find it absurd that you would make such a suggestion!

    sometimes the blogging world is not pretty.

    great that you started a blog!!!

  3. Ian said

    JAY! Yes, it’s happened. I am very pleased to see that you have started a blog, and you are already linked up on mine.
    miss ya man.

  4. jasonlocke said

    Good to hear from you already…Chris I never expected you to agree…and Ian you have made my bloggers week.

  5. Dr Dre said

    welcome I too have just started and am looking forward to the challenges that lie the Blog!! Ciao for now!

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