international dinner

February 25, 2007

Well last night Wesley Chapel – my home church – had its annual international feast. It’s quite the gathering. All sorts of rice and peas, meatballs, curries, noodles and a plethora of white food…(mostly low-meat noodle dishes, shepherd’s pie and green salad). But of course, as usual, the crowning piece was the whole pig which the Filipino group in our church regularly contributes! I’m not sure how, but the head did end up on my table eventually. It was mildly disturbing to say the least.

At any rate, it got me to thinking, I really love being a part of such a culturally diverse church. I love that everyone is so differnet. I love hearing the Gospel read in Arabic or the Psalter read from in Tagalog…it’s a very eye opening experience to sing with brothers or sisters from China in Mandarin and recognize that the message of salvation is so much bigger than the small neighbourhoods of my childhood. And – while I don’t necessarily understand everything I’m hearing or singing literally, I certainly understand that it is, no less, a profound offering of worship.

Well – I’m on a real kick this year in terms of experiencing worship from different perspectives within our our community…so I’m guessing that more conversation will come out of this. On a lighter note, at the international dinner last night, we were really fortunate to have a pan player named Joy Lapps (once again I’d give you her website here if I could figure out how to turn her name into a web link…). But while the cool stylings of her pan captivated the audience, it was the pre game show that caught my (and Paul and Jay Penney’s) attention. She played my gig – – the Super Mario Bros. theme song. I always pull that song out and here she was jammin’ away on it…so, what did I do – I joined her – naturally! Paul was fortunate enough to pick some of this up on his camera video – – it’s worth a look. Sorry about the extended time that the camera seems to be on me – – the end is really the best part in my opinion (the underwater theme). Enjoy!


3 Responses to “international dinner”

  1. Sharolyn said

    We had Joy Lapps at Immanuel last year…I can’t recall the occasion. I enjoyed her music. We also have an annual international night at Immanuel and it’s coming up in a couple weeks. I haven’t seen a whole pig there yet though. The only whole pigs (cooked) I’ve seen have been at Aileen’s wedding reception and in the Philippines. So maybe you’ll have another pig in late June!

  2. Ian said

    thanks for the linkage, my friend.

  3. Chris said

    one time we had a pan player at the spring banquet- he refused to do the pre-banquet music without a prime time slot.

    His 10 minutes of prime time may have been the most awkward/worst decision of my time with the council… it’s weird how ‘Shout to the Lord’ could be such an awkward piece in pan…

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