performing my civic duties

February 28, 2007

This evening I received an unexpected call from none other than Lloyd Lehrbass. He was somewhat stranded at Lester B. Pearson Airport so I jumped in the old Sunfire and went to pick him up from his trip to Costa Rica. We were enjoying the catch up time when out of the blue the transport in front of me screeched on its brakes to the point where the back tires were getting air and bouncing the whole load he was carrying…very creepy. Of course when I saw him do this I too braked (in a more controlled manner) and stopped well back of his rubber-burning, heart-attack inducing load. Everyone around me seemed to be stopping whether or not they were in our lane. Then we saw the truck pull out and go around a stalled transport in the center lane. I pulled around also and the adventure was over just like that. What could have been bad was not thanks to lots of attentive drivers and some common sense.

So what, you might ask, is my civic duty? To call 680 news of course. It is a personal claim to fame that I am an official traffic spotter (*680 for a toll free call). It’s also a game of sorts. Calling in a traffic tip that you haven’t heard on the radio and then hearing it, gets you a point. I think I may have five accumulated points before tonight, but I’m having a hard time scoring what happened tonight. Usually this is a one-point game. BUT never before have I spoken directly with a person at 680 and never have I been quoted on the air. That’s right – the reporter (I forget who it was now…) actually quoted me:

“A traffic spotter just called the station and informed us of a transport stalled in the center lane on the 401-eastbound approximately 2 kilometers west of Keele Avenue. The driver has exited the vehicle and is walking west along the shoulder”.

I mean this is (pretty much) a direct quote. I think, considering I was right behind what could have been a major accident, pretty much quoted and most likely the first to call in – – this could be a 2 pointer OR even, maybe 3. This is a toughy…


One Response to “performing my civic duties”

  1. Chris said

    I’ll give you 3 for that.

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