toronto’s most impressive sports team

March 1, 2007

Well, this post is a little uncharacteristic for me.  As many of you know, I am not really all that ‘sporty’ except that I enjoyed playing squash with Nathan Betts at Cummer Park, I was a mean defenseman during my Tyndale floor hockey stint and, in my house, I am definitely the final authority on curling and curling rules (why, it was just last week I had to explain to some of the guys who Sandra Schmirler was…).

At any rate, I had the esteemed pleasure of catching up with one Steve Wagar last night, one of my ex-roommates.  We lived in Courtice for a year…one sweet and glorious year.  I stayed at his place as my usual sleeping accomodation was left frigid while Jeff and Lori are in Florida…he told many funny stories, as those of you who know Steve could imagine, and we watched the Raptors game.

I’m not going to write analysis or say that this player played awesome or that player was a great trade or any of that jargon (of which I know very little) but I will say this: last year Chris Lewis has a discussion with me about why the Raptors are going to be a good team.  Now I recognize that Chris’s thoughts may not have been original thoughts, but his analysis of their being international and all the reasons  why this would be good for Toronto seemed to make sense to me.  It also made me 400% more informed than I was the day before he explained to me this (maybe obvious) insight.

Now what it boils down to, for people who are not all into the figures and stats and blah blah blah (like Paul Randal is) is this: watching the Raptors last night was FUN!  There were moments when I feel like they could have shot that ball from New York state and it would have gone in that tiny little basket.

So, I am declaring that as for me and my blog, we will serve the Raptors.  And by serve I mean state that they are officially Toronto’s most impressive sports team.  It’s easy to get sports fans to buy in and like what’s going on – – but when nominal to uninterested people start to enjoy what’s going on – – that must be a good sign.


One Response to “toronto’s most impressive sports team”

  1. Ian said

    oh jay, that warms my heart. i am missing being able to watch the raps, but i enjoy hearing that you are enjoying their brand of basketball. this is indeed a very good sign for the state of toronto ball, and i’m sure upper management would be delighted to hear of this development. and also chuck swirsky. you should email him your thoughts, maybe he’ll post it on his daily blog! and hopefully the blue jays will give the t-dot a summer to remember as well. oh how i miss toronto …

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