one free coffee and a whole lot of community later

March 2, 2007

This morning was, in all, a good morning.

First: I slept in. That was good.

Second: I made coffee at home. That’s always good…except this time the carafe was not properly inserted under the drip nozzle…what a mess. The floor was covered, it dripped into the tea-towel drawer, it dripped into the random cupboard with all sorts of tupperware, old ice cream and margarine containers, small appliances we use only on occasion…that sort of cupboard. I had to clean them out and clean them up! So that was a bit of a downer.

BUT THEN:tims-image.jpg

I found a free coffee tab from my Tim’s last week. And this is where the morning was fun. I stopped at the Esso at Bayview and the 401 (on my way to Wesley Chapel for a staff meeting) and there was a plethora of vehicles in the services bays and in the parking lot. Now you might think: so – it’s a gas station…big deal. But, for those who are not from around here, we are having a gasoline crisis these days. Yes friends, these people were not in line for gas, they were in line for Tim’s (Tim Horton’s – coffee) which decided to stay open regardless of the fact that the gas station was, for all intents and purposes, not doing business!

So – we had community. This group of people – 20 maybe 25 – were milling around the gas station bays, talking inside the station, and sipping on their double-doubles. Tow ruck drivers, a cop, a couple Esso employees and a lot of people whose occupations were indecipherable. No one seemed to care that the gas station was closed OR that there was about 5 inches of nasty, dirty slush all over the ground. No one was in a hurry. I just stood there and talked to an older Jewish lady who was smiling and laughing about how there was no gas around. I only stayed for about 10 minutes (including 7 in the line and 3 socializing).

The funniest part of the morning was when I went back out to bay #8 (where my car was parked next to a fluorescent orange cone) and got inside of my car to pull away. A rather ritzy looking lady in her mid to late 40s was pulling her Lexus SUV into the bay on the opposite side of the pump. She looked at me, getting into my car, and then walked over to me. I rolled down my window.

“Isn’t there any gas here?” She stood amazed. Her tone was almost accusing me of misleading her by parking at a pump. “Nope”, I replied. “Then what the hell are all these cars doing here?” She had almost cut off my short reply. I started to smile, then laugh. Through the laugh I managed to get out the words, “Drinking coffee…”. She turned around, slammed her car door shut and sped away.

Too bad really. She probably could of used a double-double. I wished at that moment that I had had another free coffee to give to her. After all, it had made my day.

PS – I’m going to the Raptors game tonight with one CJ Lewis….


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