after these messages…we’ll be right back (ding!)

March 5, 2007

I’ll be spending the next three days at Wesley Acres having some staff meetings and meeting with other church staff workers. I’m not sure that Wesley Acres is equipped with wireless technology so I don’t know if I’ll be moderating or updating my blog over the next few days. Hopefully so – – the Jesus Camp conversation is just beginning! Talk to you later…


3 Responses to “after these messages…we’ll be right back (ding!)”

  1. janice babcock said

    the Jesus Camp blog strikes me. I haven’t seen it – but sadly – the commentary is quite predictable. We provide lots of fodder for this. Evangelical bashing is a politically correct thing to do. I heard a lapsed Muslim woman today on radio commenting that Christians don’t react with violence when criticized – one brownie point
    we as Christian parents can be so afraid of our children or ourselves being swallowed up in the ‘evil’ public arenas that we don’t
    know how to engage with the world beyond our
    church buildings.

    Loving God and our neighbours, is the prerequisite to engaging our community with the gospel and fostering a sacramental Christian community that is open,welcoming and reproductive.
    I haven’t always modeled a, God-centred people loving life well for my kids, but if I really believe that “greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world” – then we will “glow in the dark, show people how to love others and be gracious.”

    I hope your Wesley Acres time is worthwhile. I appreciate the transparency and authenticity of the FM leaders,Keith,Jared and Alan. In the past ministry conferences could so easily be about ego, competition and keeping the status quo – we have moved away from that – nobody buys it anyway!

    Church camp is another topic of evangelical culture!

    I have checked out your INFJ character – we need more of you in the world! Maybe I realize that because I am an ENTP.

  2. CHRIS C said


    Keep me posted


    C.D. Clements

  3. Mike said

    I like your new blog. We have to go for pizza soon. like the old days. oh and I put you on my blogroll. but seriously lets hang out soon.

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