March 10, 2007

Well – the staff and pastors meeting is finished.  We had a good time in general.  It’s always great to go away with the boyz from the chapel here at the corner of Warden and Huntingwood.  I have to admit that Monday to Wednesday may have been the three coldest days I have experienced all winter…and being on the lake…brrrr.

I have a confession to make.  I’m becoming a fan of facebook.  I can hardly believe I’m saying that.  I have been trying to reject this fad for some time.  Lloyd and I both agree that it requires far too much maintenance and work.  Yet I have strangely warmed up to it thanks to my sisters and a few others who have pushed me along.  I have chatted and seen people who I have not seen for a very long time.  Interesting how people re-find each other in this sort of forum.  It has taken me a good hour just to enlist people and request a few others, reject a couple, reply no to more than one group request and then read my wall.  Of course when you read your wall – – then you have to write on a wall…

Overall I would say that it is receiving growing favour in my eyes.  On an extra-special note, JT Thrasher and A Mason are going to be visiting us at the chapel on Sunday morning – AND we’re going for lunch.  Thank you facebook.


One Response to “and…we’re…back”

  1. Ian said

    ha, that’s funny we both posted about that at the same time. and thanks for joining the old school group, i have a special distinction to give you.

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