new adventures

March 13, 2007

This evening I decided to do something I have never done before. I joined a final-four pool, hosted by the one and only I.C. McLaren. I am really not all that knowledgeable about College basketball but I figure – what the heck. I’ll read a little, listen a little and try to make some decisions and educated guesses. You never know – – maybe I’ll win $25,000.00. Good-bye school debt, hello vacation.

That’s it.

PS – for all those opposed to gambling, I didn’t have to pay to enter this pool…sheesh.


3 Responses to “new adventures”

  1. nathan said

    and i did the same, i totally hit the random generator thing though..

  2. Ian said

    yeah Jay! thanks for signing up. i don’t know much about all the teams either. honestly, it’s usually those who make their picks without any biases and foreknowledge that do really good. just pick the schools with the coolest names or something.

  3. I am opposed to ‘sheeshing’

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