a quick word…

March 23, 2007

Sorry for the half-hearted blog tonight.  I’m currently thinking about a lot of different stuff including the recent decision of the Salvation Army to close a whole slew of camps here in Ontario – – poor decision as far as I can tell right now…but anyways…

I had to mention this: I have some blogs that I regularly frequent.  Chris Lewis’s, Ian McLaren’s, Pat Sutherland’s and quite possibly the most entertaining of any blog I have ever read – – Mike Mackneer’s.  His blogs are funny…like laugh out loud funny.  I suggest you visit it and read his latest blog – – an ongoing story.  People are contributing and while there is a fair amount of inside humor, I think it could still be funny to just about anyone.

Anyways.  Lots on my mind…a serious blog later.


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