lots to think about…

March 25, 2007

I had the privilege of being involved with the “Restoring Justice” conference hosted by the Epiphaneia Network all day today here in Toronto along with one of my housemates, Chris Clements. While it was a tiring day in many respects, it was certainly worth it – and the momentary thoughts of leaving early throughout the day were merely lapses in judgment caused by a certain lack of sleep! The speakers we particularly inspiring and really highlighted the necessity of Christians becoming aware of society and the justice of God. Wow. This is such a large topic spanning from the Christian boycotts to communal living to environmental awareness to eschatology…so much to chew on in such a short time. Tyler Thrasher and I went for a walk about three-quarters of the way through the day and just spent 30 minutes debriefing…that was helpful.

I think that Christians really ought to become a more effective force in society – – not in inane and annoying ways, but in creative and imaginative ways. Shane Claiborne, one of the keynote speakers, was a particularly good story-teller and shared some stories about his experience working in Philadelphia, Penn. The ways that people can voice their opinions, corporately, and make points without being violent or disrespectful – creating conversations and not antagonistic relationships, seem endless. I feel that I am often too quick to judge people who are taking an educated stand on a topic rather than seeing what it is their trying to accomplish. I would venture to guess that many times when people protest or boycott something, it is probably something I would agree with!

At any rate – – I don’t really have time to create a posting that is too in depth. Suffice it to say that the point was made loud and clear today – – if you do not care for the poor, you are neglecting an issue which is close to God’s heart. We are to care for the poor and defend them. They are often voiceless and we need to become involved in situations where social injustice is occurring. Jim Wallis went as far as to say that if Christians refuse to acknowledge this, and if we refuse to accept the responsibility of caring for the poor – there is probably something wrong with our relationship with God – – if in fact we are probably not Christians at all. Very challenging.

Overall a great day. Props to Steve, Darryl, Nathan and (my favorite) Chris Lewis. I am in awe of the work that God has used them to accomplish over these two years. You guys might be young – – but you are overflowing with talent, charisma and a sincere desire to see God’s Kingdom come here – in earth. I hope to see you running another conference next year. God bless you.

Quote of the day (with context):

At the very earliest part of the morning before the conference had started, I was sitting talking with Faith – a friend of Chris’ who came up from Penn. with him – and suddenly in the middle of the conversation, out of nowhere, Chris was up from the table, “I SEE A PROBLEM” and off he would go, bee-lining towards someone or something, to correct whatever it was that had caught his eye. Faith and I just laughed.


2 Responses to “lots to think about…”

  1. Jay P said

    Ooh! I though he said “I see YOUR problem”. That’s why I didn’t get it last night. Now it makes sense.

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