a suggestion for chris and nyssa…

March 27, 2007

I know – – another blog entry. I was thinking – my friends Chris and Nyssa are getting married on Dec. 15th and I found this great place that they should go – what you think guys?






This last picture is my personal favorite – remind you of anyone? Anyways — just doing a little research for my friends…good night.  O Yeah – – it’s called “The Couples’ Resort”…


3 Responses to “a suggestion for chris and nyssa…”

  1. Official Lucille Austero Endorsement

    Also official young guy with older woman endorsement.

    Winner of best bad name award

    International recognition for weirdo sex house

    Interior design honourable mention for 50+ decorating scheme

  2. jasonlocke said

    Sorry guys – Nov. 11 to Jan. 1 the places closes for the off-season…

  3. N. A. Dhillon said

    too bad….

    would have been fun…

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