some of the best…

March 30, 2007

Jay Penney tagged a picture for me on facebook and I liked it so much that I decided to blog about it. This is a picture which features yours truly and two of the greatest guys anyone could ever know. First I would say that this picture must be – – well three years old for sure. It was taken on Parliament Hill – that’s Hull in the background (I believe). We went there to see a Sens game and just to hang out for a bit. Wow – great memories.


On the far left we have one N.G. Betts who is currently studying at Oxford. He is working on a certificate in Apologetics. He is the closest thing I know to a famous person. You’ll have to figure out why yourself. He is also the guy that every one of my girlfriends secretly (or not so secretly) wants to date! He is an awesome drummer — best I know; he is a man full of profun-ditties; he was a Toronto Blue Jay (sort of); he has three-thousand funny stories about things that have happened in charismatic churches; he has read every John Bevere book known to man (including, and especially, “The Bait of Satan”); he was my roommate for 5 years – count them – 5 whole years; his sister makes homemade hamburgers like a pro; his mom makes the best butter tarts I have every tasted in my life…wow…I’ve got to get down there; his father can play ‘it’s beginning to rain, rain, rain hear the voice of the father’ – on the piano! I taught him myself… But best of all he is just an awesome guy to sit down with, laugh with and talk about the deep things of life with. How I wish we could meet up at the donut counter for some over-sweetened coffee and glaze-encrusted donuts…

In the middle we have Lloyd. Or – as we used to call him, Lloyd’s Ladies. I met Lloyd in 1999. We ran into each other at Tyndale Bible College (now known as Tyndale University College). Those were the days. We ran around the bus, at the request of one Prof. Elizabeth Davey (Now Dr. Elizabeth Davey – yeah Prof. Davey…way to go!! – I always thought you were a Dr. – – plus I started reading Tennessee Williams because of your American Lit class!) and collected signatures or something like that from other people – – wow. Thrasher, Burditt, the Penneys (then Penney and Owen), Scott, Lehrbass, Salle de Bain, and the list goes on and on – what a great year! Lloydy is a farm boy – with good old fashioned morals and values. Works hard. Milks the cows. Stuff like that. He is the guys I go for breakfast with almost every week. He’s the guy that will stroll with me up and down the residential grids of Young and the 401. Long walks and good talks – – about everything. Tyndale Basketball dream team member; harmonica player; roomie for one year (will one ain’t bad); my partner (along with one Dave Seow) in fighting evil – ah the vids.

Well – I think that this is enough reminiscing for one night. Lloyd – – I’ll see you tomorrow. Nathan – – I wish I could see you tomorrow.

That’s the way it is with friends. One day we’re all together and we don’t realize that there will be long gaps of time when we just wish we could be closer. Thank God for good friends…not just good friends, but great friends. Goodness knows that I have blessed with more great friends than any one person probably deserves…


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