Peanut Allergies – Any Diagnosticians Out There? House? Someone?

April 16, 2007

Well it has been some time since I last blogged. I guess I’ve been annoyed about less stuff these last couple of weeks. But something weird happened this morning so I thought I would share it with my cyberfriends. I went to my doctor this morning. The spots in my eyes are no big deal (he says that they’re most likely dust particles or something like that). BUT as many of you know, I had a weird reaction to some peanuts I ate a couple of weeks ago, so that was the main event of this medical visit.

My doctor is a nice guy – he’s funny. So he says to me – Jay, we can do one of two things: (a) I can prescribe epinephrine. [For those of us who watch House this word has become a part of our regular vocabulary. But for those who don’t – epinephrine is what the epi-pen contains. It would reverse the effects of anaphylaxis. It could also be dangerous if it was used unnecessarily]; (b) or I could suggest that you go to the store, buy yourself a bag of peanuts, take a trip down to your local emergency room and have a snack. The doctor actually recommended this as the best way of figuring it out explaining to me that scratch tests are inconclusive and often rely on medical history (Hmmm – if I had a medical history of peanut allergies, why would I get tested for said allergy…”your logic is eating itself”, I thought.

So – now I leave my future and destiny in your hands. Let’s vote. Do I go to the hospital and snack on peanuts…or do I just go ahead and get the epi-pen ‘just in case’….


6 Responses to “Peanut Allergies – Any Diagnosticians Out There? House? Someone?”

  1. I keep my peanut butter in the far left cupboard, above the stove.

  2. Gilly O said

    mmm…peanut butter

  3. Cath said

    umm…. 2 things…. first if you decide to go to the emergency room I mean… i think that things will work out ok… I mean trained persons and such… if you don’t and you get the epipen that that could be cool too! haha… so yeah… umm… I actually just hope that you aren’t allergic to peanuts… that would be so weird after so long!

    My decision… you go to the emergency room with a snack… just don’t die… cause i would be pretty upset … maybe you should take someone else with you… for moral support… I dunno…

  4. angela said

    … i vote for peanut snack in the emergency room. then, it’s like you’re in an episode of House – and that’s pretty cool.

    there most likely will not be a grumpy, narcissistic, disabled, drug addicted doctor to help you…

    but you never know?

    hope whatever it is, you get better!

  5. Sara said

    Jay… I really hope you’re not allergic to peanuts. What about those amazingly delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I like to bake for you every now and then… this would be sad.
    I say you go have a snack in the e.r. and get it over with. Cause otherwise you’re going to have to avoid all of that peanuty goodness… when you’re maybe not even allergic!!!

  6. Patman said

    Did you notice, this week during House, he had curling on the television?

    I thought of your love affair with the sport and thought I’d remind you.

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