Chinese Choir (well…not really…)

May 6, 2007

I call it the Chinese Choir. It’s the choir that I sing in with Jay, Sharolyn, Danielle and Aileen (who actually is Chinese)…and we practise on Monday nights. It’s fun. But the last half-hour is always tough to make it through.

Anyways – I was chided gently by Chris Clements who wants to read more and is tired of reading about my peanut allergy. I haven’t done anything about it yet – by the way.

Well – I am going to the Philippines with this choir from June 23rd to July 3rd. I’m very excited since I have never left North America. Newfoundland is the closest I’ve ever been to anything somewhat foreign…and – well – that’s home! They’re a sharp looking group – nice group of guys (gender neutral use of the word guys here) and we have a lot of fun together – remember Montreal??


So here is the choir – the esteemed gentleman in the front row is Maestro Lai…


And here I am conducting the choir – for some of the more syncopated songs…very fun! I love conducting. Well – there you are – an update. Hope that all my friends are great – and that you still check my blog sometimes…though it has been a little uneventful…


2 Responses to “Chinese Choir (well…not really…)”

  1. Chris said

    i too was getting tired of the peanut allergies…

    nice work…
    and you’re flannel sheets are fantastic.

  2. Ian said

    jay buddy, what’s with the lack of postage? i was enjoying your regular updates. i miss you, friend. i remember a few years ago at about this time we were headed down for some pre-camp in the funhouse. good memories. well, until you know who showed up blasting ‘spiritual to the bone’ at night …

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