youth councils at Camp Sebago

May 28, 2007

I’m really trying to fight it — and I do think that blogging is a good exercise…

Well after some encouragement I’m going to try and press on. Life has been eventful and enjoyable lately. Last weekend I went to Camp Sebago – near Portland, Maine to lead worship at a youth conference. Had a great time with Everett and Pat and the kiddies. Katy, Jay, Jono and Trace-face went with me – – so five of us. Jay Penney and Tracy both have great photos you can check out…but here are a couple I particularly like!


Here I am with Jono and Tracy. We were doing a Beatles tribute – I think the tune we were playing in our trio was ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’. Nothing like a little jazz flute to pass the time away. This picture was taken in Sebago Hall at the camp.


Here I am with Capt. Henry. I quickly gave this job up to Jay Penney and played piano music as ticket numbers were called and people ran to the front to collect prizes!


And here we are (me, Paul, Jay P, Katy and Jono) at the Maine mall. Paul works at Sebago right now so he got to hang with us for the conference.


And here is one final picture of practising a few charts before the youth showed. It was a great weekend. God showed up in an awesome way…just ask Jay P, Jono, Katy or Trace-face.


4 Responses to “youth councils at Camp Sebago”

  1. Ian said

    ah, seeing some pictures of sebago hall warms my heart. glad you had a good weekend, jay. and yes, keep posting svp.

  2. Mike said

    Did you wear your red shorts and the beater at all over the weekend?

  3. jasonlocke said

    heck yeah! my favorite combo by far! you know it!

  4. buckley said

    that was a great weekend, i think i took that pic at the mall. i hope all is well.

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