Summer Staff

June 2, 2007

The summer staff at my church is up and running – – always the most fun time of the year in my opinion.  This year we have a few returners and a new face or two….let me give you a quick run down of who’s going to be hanging around the office for the next few months…

1 – Sandra Volpe.  Sandra is the queen of camp – the guru of children’s ministry.  Last year I awarded the day camps MVP.  She is indispensable.  Creative and funny, she is always up for fun and laughs…often created by her own craziness.  For instance – last week I held up a bass clarinet strap.  Many of you wouldn’t know exactly what that looks like, but think of a sax strap – just a little thinner.  I asked her if she knew what it was – she said…a sock.  Now – granted it may be a little odd looking – but a sock?  Anyways…

2 – Jason Penney.  Jay may be the wittiest person I have ever met.  He always has some dry, humorous one-liner that can keep a crowd in stitches.  His impersonations are hilarious (particularly Pastor Ira).  He is also creative, artistic and has a MacBook Pro (like me..).  Unfortunately, he didn’t receive any awards last year.

3 – Jonathan Beckwith.  Affectionately known as ‘Jono’, he will be bringing a measure of technological competency to the summer team.  I’m not kidding you – there are times when systems or computers are being completely uncooperative and all he does is touch it and it works.  I think he has a supernatural gifting in the area of computer healing.  He is at a ‘soaking’ seminar at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship this weekend.  I’m pretty sure that this is where he receives this weird gift.  Besides this he is also very smart, creative and fun to work with.  He will most likely receive an award something to do with invading peoples’ personal space (Sarah, Tracy, Katy…)…

4 – Taryn Tappin (aka t-dot).  Taryn is one of my personal favorites…mainly because she laughs at everything I say.  And – when she laughs – – it makes me laugh.  Taryn is pretty quiet but when she gets going she doesn’t stop.  She is only a couple of semesters away from becoming a nurse…I’m pretty sure that she is the only person on staff with any advanced sense of fashion.  She was on staff for a couple of weeks last summer and won the sweetest sunglasses award of excellence.

5 – Lloyd Lehrbass.  Lloyd has been on staff for the past two years and has been named the team captain this year.  Lloyd and I met when we went to Tyndale together in 1999 – Leading Edge. Wow…that was some year.  He is a great organizer, thoughtful and always up for having some fun.  My hunch is that he will run a tight ship this summer at Wesley Chapel.   Lloyd Lehrbass already wins the best breakfast friend award.

An honourable mention goes out to Ira Carty who will be working with the LITs to a certain extent this summer.


Tary, JayP and Lloyd…

Lloyd, JayL and Jono…


Sandra and JayL…


2 Responses to “Summer Staff”

  1. Patman said

    A particularly excellent post… written in an enjoyable style.

  2. Sandra said

    Jaylo…what an enjoyable post…i haven’t checked your blog in ages so i thought i’d do some reading today (since you emailed us reminding to check)…i laughed continually through this message…you’re hilarious!
    miss you at the Chap…hope your trip is going great!

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