big trip…

June 18, 2007

Well – – it’s only a few days before Jay Penney and I jump on a plane and head off to the Philippines…pretty exciting.  I’ve never been off of continental America before – – so I’m pretty hyped.  Anyone have some good traveling advice??  Please feel free to pass on pearls of wisdom…Jay P could probably use them…he he he…

Oh – and by the way – I’m getting a big fat needle tomorrow…hate those.


One Response to “big trip…”

  1. angela said

    pack yourself a little first aid type kit.

    including, but not limited to:

    gravol (could realllllyyyy save the day, if needed)
    antihystimines (have nooo idea how to spell that – you know, allergy pills)
    cold tablets (summer colds are bad, travel colds are even worse…)

    and bandaids.

    a similiar such kit saved my friend’s life when we were in mexico. (haha… well, i’m sure she would have been okay without it, but it made her 48 hour sickness more tolerable.)

    Hope you have fun!

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