Believing things because I believe things…

June 19, 2007

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things over the past few months.  I find that I’m very introspective these days.  I don’t know if it’s because lots of things are happening all around me…and yet I’m kind of settled in what I’m doing right know (ie people are seeing change all around them…and I’m not – really); or if it’s because life is not really settling down the way society, people, the church thinks it should for me (a la Chris Lewis’ most recent post); or if it’s because I just have more time to think.

I think that I’ve grown up believing that certain things are true just because I’ve been told that they are.  And more recently I’ve started questioning more things.  For instance, I’ve grown up believing that people can be perfectly holy in this life (ie sinless…).  But I don’t think so anymore.  I’m also not so sure about nationalistic Christianity (sorry George W.); I wonder about whether or not Jonah could really have been swallowed by a whale; I’m thinking that drinking alcohol may not be the condemning sin I’ve been taught to think it is…and the list goes on.

What I have come to believe – on my own – is that God does exist (though I have gone through moments of questioning that too) and that he wants us to stop focusing so much of our time on peoples’ inadequacies and more time loving them despite of their issues.  I also have come to believe that Christians are very quick to jump on band-wagons to speak against the ‘great social ills’ in society and not so quick to act in the best interest of the very people Jesus has called his church to love.  I wish sometimes that Christians who have wasted countless hours on pointless protests and rallies would have channeled their efforts in the direction of speaking on behalf of and defending those who could really use our voice of protest.

Well – this is a general blog posting – – maybe I’ll pull out some of the big questions and discuss them over the summer…we’ll see.

For now – – I’m excited that I’m leaving in five days to go to the Philippines  – – yay!!


2 Responses to “Believing things because I believe things…”

  1. Ian said

    Great post, Jay. You are writing some of the very things that have been on my mind lately. We’re kind of at that point in life where things are meant to ‘settle down’, but what that typical life is meant to look like isn’t really looking too appealing. Thanks for articulating your thoughts, and have a fantastic time in the ‘ppines. Miss ya buddy.

  2. Chris said

    holy… i don’t check this blog for 4 days and suddenly there’s like a hundred posts…
    keep it up!

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