Bon Voyage…

June 23, 2007

Well – tomorrow’s the big day! I’m off on this great adventure. It seems like this trip has been years in the making – – I can hardly believe it is here already! I guess I’ll be pretty silent unless I get some access along the way – – and that’s a good chance I suppose!

I don’t know if I’ll sleep tonight – though I am a little tired after running around with the grade 8’s for two days. I’m gonna miss those guys (and girls)…after four years – it’s tough to say goodbye – but also exciting to see how they’re growing up and moving on.

Well – – anyways I am tired after these two days (and sore…). Hopefully that will encourage some rest tonight. I’m also getting to have breakfast with the one…the only…Nay Betts! Cool, eh? Yeah we get a quick breakfast in in the morning before I head out. It’ll be a nice little catch up before I jump on the plane.

Have a great couple of weeks – – as I’m sure I will…(yes it is fine for the young adults to have fun while I’m away – – I guess…).


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