June 30, 2007

Everyone welcomes everyone in the Philippines…over and over again!!  It is such a warm and friendly place – well most of it.

Yesterday morning we left beautiful Cebu and flew to Manila.  We flew over two inactive volcanoes…very trippy!  We arrived at the Century Park hotel.

Wow – the city is so busy.  Traffic is so congested and unmanageable.  We are spending a relatively large amount of time in the tour bus on our way to this venue or that…but we have good company AND looking out the window rarely gets old!

The day before we left Cebu we did two fabulous thing.  The lesser of the two was a trip to Shangrila – the most beautiful place in the world…no you think I’m kidding but I have never beheld such beauty – ever. No postcard. picture or personal testimony can describe the beauty of this luxury, ocean side resort.  Period.  It is extravagant and unnecessary…and was SO much fun.  We swam in the Pacific ocean – it was unbelieveably hot.  We also had a rousing game of swimming pool volleyball when we decided we had enough of the salt.  My team won.  Sorry Penney.

But before we went to Shangrila we visited an arts school outside of Cebu.  The same awe came over us that overwhelmed us at the orphanage except this time people were unable to contain themselves.  The children performed the most beautiful songs and dances.  They wore cultural garb and the senior choir sang in at least four part treble harmony.  It was breath taking.  We were humbled and some of us even embarassed that we get to travel around and sing to people when it is obvious that these children are infinitely more talented collectively!  It would be impossible for me to even begin to try and recapture what happened there.  Jay Penney took some video – so maybe I will be able to post one of them really soon and you could check one of them out.

Life is fine.  Some of us have begun to get sick.  A couple of the ladies in particular who forgot not to drink the water and indulged in some ice (hy mistake!).  Jay Penney is feeling a little congested – I feel ok (for now!).  We’re hoping to stay away from upset stomachs and all…

Tonight we are doing a formal concert at a church.  I think it should be quite good.  Tomorrow morning we are performing again at a church.  I suspect that it will be a great time.

For now – good night!  Miss you very much – but I am enjoying my time here immensely.

And oh – how could I forget – we got to all sit at Starbucks this morning for an hour while we waited for the market to open…that was nice!!


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