haggling…not really the activity of an infj…

July 1, 2007

As an emotional introvert it is not really my style to haggle.  Danielle Jupp is awesome at it – she even has the puppy-dog eyes.  BUT I have to say that I did a pretty gosh darn good job at the market yesterday.  Inspired by a caramel machiato from Starbucks, I walked, somewhat hesitantly, in the market.

 The market is indoor and air-conditioned but it is crammed and there is SO much everywhere.  AND I think that (almost) everything is fake!  So – no Gucci bags for anyone this year (and for only 400 pesos!).  It took a while for me to purchase anything.  Jay Penney was equally nervous.  So – I started simply by asking prices to see (out of curiosity) what the starting price was (for, say, some little knick-knack souviner).

Now I recognize that there are two main ways of bargaining.  The Aileen Lee method, and the Danielle Jupp method.  Both work incredibly well in different circumstances.  I quickly espoused the DJ method (you’ll see why – considering my infj-ness).

Method #1 (Aileen Lee Method) – How much fo’ dees? (with put-on, bad Chinese accent).  The vendor says 500 pesos.  Aileen comes back – BEST OFFA’ PEESE!  450 for you m’am since you best customer…Aileen Lee comes back – I will buy it somewhere else for much less – Aileen walks away.  End scene.

 Method #2 – (Danielle Jupp Method) – Hello! (said sweetly with a girlish smile).  How much for this game?  400 pesos m’am.  Hmmm.  Will you take 250 pesos?  Sorry m’am 350 is my best offer.  350?  I can give you 275 but that’s it.  325 m’am – since you are a special customer.  Good deal m’am.  Ok – thanks.  Have a good day…Danielle walks away – – wait, wait – – I give it to you for 300…275 is all I’m willing to pay sir.  Ahhh….275…ok.  For you – a good deal because you are my best customer.

So – I I wasn’t quite that good – but our host was very impressed at some of the deals I got!  I only got ripped off once…by a little boy who was selling these little magnetic rocks that sound like a rattle snake…you can buy them for 25 pesos…(50 cents) but I’m pretty sure that I would not have given him less then the hundred he asked…I’m still a softy sometimes…

Things are winding down.  I’ll be finished my last concert before most of you wake up…the concert starts in a few hours (7:00) and will last about an hour.  Then we have a day at the beach and then we fly home.  Hard to believe that the trip I have been anticipating for two (or is it six?) years is almost over.  Ain’t that the way…

Lots to talk about – lots to write about.


3 Responses to “haggling…not really the activity of an infj…”

  1. Hey.

    When do you come home?

    Do you want to haggle around the date?

  2. Sue said

    Hi Jason. It’s been really interesting and a blessing reading your blogs that you have sent while away in the Philippines. I’ve been praying for you, Jason P and your group as you minister through your music but as you have mentioned, you have been ministered to as well and that is so rewarding. Hope you have taken lots of pictures to accompany your memories and thanks for the blogs. You’re probably home by now so rest up and have a great summer!

    As Adam would say – Peace, Love and Prayers
    Sue Marshall (momma sue to my kids’ friends!)

  3. Sharolyn said

    Haggling…not at all the activity of an ISTJ! I definitely benefitted from Danielle’s ability though!

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