home, sweet home

July 4, 2007

Well the trip from Manila home to Toronto was long.  Trips home are always longer than trips to places.  Well – except the airport from my house – – always feels like the drive home is faster than the drive there…anyways.

I made it back – safe and sound – at 6:22 this morning.  My lovely sister Sara was there to drive Lloyd and Danielle and I home.  I took her out for breakfast, bestowed gifts of multi-colored purses upon her, and then we parted company.  I’m hoping to get out to Oshawa to see Catherine and Jeff and Lori sometime this week if I get a chance.  I’m going to Wesley Acres next week – – so it’ll probably be a couple of weeks before I get home to see my parents…but soon I hope.

The trip was a great time.  The people were fun, the experiences were new.  It was everything I had hoped it would be and more.  It’s a bit of a let down – to be honest – to be home, and yet, there are things here at home that I could not find if I traveled to every country in the world.  There are some things and people here in Toronto that are important to me beyond what I even imagined before I left to travel abroad.

Home is indeed sweet.

So – I’m going to stop by the church this afternoon and say hi; renew my membership at the gym (yes I definitely put on a couple of pounds eating Asian food…it’ll be gone in a couple of weeks – – that’s the plan!); and then rest for the rest of the day – – run a couple of errands, do some laundry.  I would like to say thank you to those who have been keeping me in your prayers and thinking about me over the past days.  I was especially touched by the group reading of my blog, by some of my dear friends and family, at my house last night!

Tonight I’m going to post again I think (if I don’t fall asleep before I plan to).  I want talk a little bit about wealth, poverty and perspective – – we’ll see where it goes.


2 Responses to “home, sweet home”

  1. Ian said

    you should rename this blog ‘life as a non-poster’.

  2. danielleee said

    i second that.

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