new wine

October 24, 2007

Ok. So I’m a moody blogger. I’m not really a non-blogger…so my original idea for a title (life as a non-blogger) didn’t really work in my mind. It has been a whole summer since I posted a blog AND while Chris didn’t post for a whole summer at least his non-posting was a decision and not an act of laziness…if that is what this long gap has been.

To be completely honest, if I’m not able to post honestly and openly – sometimes I don’t feel like posting – because I know that many different people read my blog (or at least did when I was writing frequently) and that made me cautious of writing freely. I guess my blog turned into another way for me to fool people into thinking I’m something I’m not…well, I’d rather have a blog nonetheless.

I don’t think I can summarize my life and summer so let’s just start with now.

I’m always dying to travel. I’m infatuated with the idea of going to Europe next summer. I think about it before bed, when I wake up, and most of the waking hours which lay between these two points. But I don’t know if that can actually happen. My friend Steve went to Europe recently and he got bored…or, well maybe not bored but lonely…I think. I’m not sure I would go on my own anyways…and I’m not sure if I would get lonely if I was alone…maybe.

I’m pretty busy at work – and that’s putting it lightly really. Life at work has completely flipped in three thousand directions since I last posted. Ira, Lloyd, Sandra and Karen are no longer employed at Wesley Chapel and Floyd is leaving at the end of November. Sandra is still around though so I get to see her still. So that has made life a roller coaster ride…but not one that makes you throw your hands up and scream through the loops and falls. That kind of roller coaster ride would be fun to ride again. This was the roller coaster that made me beg to get off before it started the assent. It dragged me through loops and falls and dark tunnels…and my screaming was from terror and not from pleasure. I hope I never ride a roller coaster like this one again…but I probably will.

Well – – if I write about everything today – – I’ll have nothing to write about tomorrow. So – I guess I should stop at that. Life is about a 6 right now – – though today it is a 9 because I’m writing this from Starbucks on Myrtle Beach.

I’m thinking that new wine deserves new skins, right? So I’m going to change how my blog looks. I liked the other one though. This is just because of fresh starts. A shout out to Danielle and Ian who have gently prodded me to get back online.  And by the way – – I’m not sure I like this new look…so I’ll reassess it tomorrow and decide after I sleep on it.


5 Responses to “new wine”

  1. Patman said

    Good to have you back.

  2. cjlewis said

    finally… october 24th is the day i have apparently been waiting for for months. no pressure. its nice to have you back.

  3. danielleee said

    JLO! yay!
    i get the thing about trying to write honestly but that its hard cause youre not sure of who is reading your blog… (and ive only just started)
    i have to remind myself this is more for me than anyone reading it…
    i hope youre relaxing (FOR REAL RELAXING) and maybe writing some music for choir?
    i hope youre bonding with your family…
    we should have a Grace O’Malley’s reunion soon

  4. Ian said

    there he is! dang, i miss you jay. i wish i was around to chat. i am glad you’re getting a break, and that you’re back to blogging.
    much love,

  5. jasonlocke said

    aww…you guys make me feel so good! it is officially good to be back!

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