a sad tribute…

October 26, 2007

I was somewhat shocked today to discover that one of my co-counselors from Roblin Lake Camp (1999), Jon Bradbury, passed away on Tuesday from double pneumonia. I heard that Jon was sick but I had no idea that it was so serious. I only found out because of a facebook prayer group I happened upon. Jon’s older brother, Justin, was a supervisor to me at one point at Roblin Lake – – and is working out west with the Salvation Army. Jon’s parents are also pastors in the Salvation Army. This picture is perfect because it is exactly how I remember Jon – – it was taken the summer we co-counseled. While I was only close with Jon for one summer, his sudden and unexpected passing has caused great sadness.  My heart is hurt.

Jon was almost always laughing with (or at) someone…for some reason.  He was such a fun person to spend time with that summer.  Jon and I would take turns singing the kids in our cabin to sleep with his trusty guitar.  He had far more patience with this than I did.  He was usually smiling…and he spent his fair share of time engaging in heart-to-hearts with just about whoever needed one.  Jon will be gravely missed by those people whose lives he has touched over his short life.


Good bye Jon.


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