life as a house

October 31, 2007

I was thinking this morning about my life. I think it is like a house…well maybe all of our lives are like houses. This actually presents some problems. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about what I believe in life and why. This leads me down the difficult road of evaluating things that probably should just be left alone. I think that our foundations in life are made from the values and world view we are given as children. The frame work – broad principles and day to day decisions – are based on that. Then, we spend the rest of our lives decorating and refurbishing and enjoying our nice house.

The problem is this: what happens when you start to ask questions whose answers are deeply rooted in foundation? Diving into these depths can cause all sorts of inconvenience, lead to stressful complications and then leave us feeling like the life we built up around us is based on a faulty premise or unstable assumption. The renovation potentially could effect the whole house!

The question is: is it worth asking the kind of questions which can do this sort of damage and send us into this type of disarray? I’d like to think so – – but I often wonder if other people do engage in this sometimes difficult process. Do I go for it? Or do I close my eyes and ask God to send the Haitian man from Heroes to come and place his hands on my head to erase whatever made me consider such an endeavour in the first place?


9 Responses to “life as a house”

  1. angela said

    yes. yes. yes.

    it is good to ask questions – without it, we may live in a house that was built with faulty plans in the first place… and eventually, that kind of foundation has to crack.

    the good thing: you have loads of loving people in your life that will pick up tools and help you rebuild.

    i, myself, have a really cute orange toolkit from ikea. count me in.

    a. 🙂

  2. dj tanner said

    i know for myself being raised in a non-christian family where the focus was ‘do good or if you kinda dont feel like it do whatever,’ alot of my foundations were shaken, broken and smashed when i started reading the bible and seeking out the wisdom of older christians that God placed around me.
    so its scarry but do question those foundations…
    if God is guiding you to let them break dont worry He will be the head forman beside you during every step of the rebuilding process…
    i think you to be broken and to rebuild wisely you have to know what the Bible says and (eek so cheesy) use it as the foundation BUT at the same time realize that God could open your eyes more and more and more… so dont get too comfortable and always be ready for a Holy Spirit shake-down!
    for me when i was starting to build for the first time those foundations rooted in Christ how i tryed to weed through what was right or wrong was the Q: is this drawing me closer to God? If not… then it probably wasnt that great… and not beneficial to my growing relationship with Christ.
    and of course that doesnt mean i do this perfect or even well (like right now i should be packing and not reading blogs) but yeah
    one verse that sticks out to me as i read and write this is 1 cor 10:23-24.
    “Everything is permissible”—but not everything is beneficial. ‘Everything is permissible’—but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.”

    this is in the greater context of beleivers freedom and clean/unclean food but i think it can be applied to so many daily situations

    let the bible and prayer and older christian be your guide… they are like those old stone castles in england with ivy growing up the sides that still remain strong even by todays standards… dont let your foundations be shaken because the other houses on your street are being remodeled.
    be strong and rooted.
    and – whoops this is way long… glad were friends…! much love

  3. cjlewis said

    jason. examining the foundation is GREAT as long as you’re not bent on finding something structurally wrong. if you are- you’ll find whatever it is you want to find and its not really about the examination… its about justifying what you wanted to find.

    if its really about the process then I think its FANTASTIC.

    who has two thumbs and can’t wait to see you? (chris points at himself with both his thumbs).

  4. cjlewis said

    did i mention that i love you? i think i forgot. i do.

  5. jasonlocke said

    thanks for the words of encouragement guys…and for all the love. i know that i need to pursue to truth…so I think that hard questions are inevitable. and furthermore, i don’t think i’m all that unique in questioning life. so – this is my time…maybe tomorrow it will be someone else’s…but happen it will.

  6. jasonlocke said

    thanks for the words of encouragement guys…and for all the love. i know that i need to pursue to truth…so I think that hard questions are inevitable. and furthermore, i don’t think i’m all that unique in questioning life. so – this is my time…maybe tomorrow it will be someone else’s…but happen it will.

  7. Katy said

    welcome back to the blog world jay. i agree with dj about it being good to question and cj about not deciding on the fault before you make the examination.

    d and i had a talk about this in the summer- i think sometimes it’s harder for christians who grew up in a christian family, when they reach adulthood, to really know that they are standing on something firm. i know for myself, i had to know at a young age that what i was choosing to build my life on was worth it- because choosing God meant choosing against the beliefs of my family and that often resulted in fights and isolation. but through the hardship, the foundation of my house was tested and i found that it was more solid than i ever thought it could be.

    so maybe part of this journey is finding out what your house is really made of. there’s no sense in living in a house for a long time and always wondering if the next storm is going to bring it crashing down. so, go check the concrete, lean on the supporting beams, hit a few things with something heavy … you might be surprised at what you find.

  8. Sharolyn said

    I think that once you’ve become aware of questions you have to ask them or you can’t live a life of integrity because you’re not convinced that your foundation is true and solid.

  9. Sara said

    I think I feel a song coming on…

    Don’t build your house on the sandy land.
    Don’t build it too near the shore.
    Oh it might look kind of nice but you’ll have to build it twice.
    Oh you’ll have to build that house once more.

    Sorry… I couldn’t resist. All this metaphorical house/foundation talk was just starting to sound funny to me.

    And also Jay I think we’ve already talked about this a little. You know what I think.

    And also we’ve got the same foundation… so if you find some cracks in yours can you just let me know so I can call in some hottie contractor to fix it up for me.

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