on a side note…

November 6, 2007

Taking a quick break from the heavy conversation, I thought I should mention that I went to the Toronto Sinfonietta on Saturday night.  Maestro Lai was conducting…always a treat.  On the program – several Mozart Arias (performed by an extremely spunky Soprano), a JS Bach Flute concerto…well performed but a little boring, and the highlight of the evening: Schubert’s 5th.  Anyone who has seen the classic movie “Beethoven” will remember one of the themes well…do de do do dooooo, do de do do dooooo, do de do do dooooo, do de da de, do de do do dooooo…etc.  Ironic that it would be one of the major themes in a movie with such a title…anyways it was performed well.

“The Fifth Symphony, in B-flat, though written in the same year as the Tragic (September-October, 1816) is generally superior to the latter, and evinces such an advance in freedom and power of original expression that it may be accepted as the actual beginning of Schubert’s significant symphonic career. While it frankly adopts and sustains the simple, comparatively primitive style of Haydn, or, more correctly, of Mozart, it possesses an attractive physiognomy of its own; and it is permeated with the buoyant, joyous spirit of this amazingly gifted spendthrift of spontaneous melody. The score is that of the small orchestra of former days, comprising one flute, two each of oboes, bassoons, horns, and the quintet of strings—but no clarinets, no drums, and no trumpets throughout. This reduction of the instrumental apparatus augments the brightness and lucidity of the charming music.” – Chris Frigon

I would recommend it – beautiful melodies, warm harmony and, overall, a relaxing and easy listen.

It was a nice evening on the town.  Now I want to go to the TSO…anyone interested in a having a lovely, cultured evening?


3 Responses to “on a side note…”

  1. Sharolyn said

    I’m interested in hearing the TSO (but would need to be not too costly)…and there’s great Indian food nearby!

  2. Ian said

    Jay, I love that you get excited about a Maestro the way I would be to see a great hockey team or something. If we were there, Lauren and I would be in for the TSO … one day, we will go together.

  3. Sara said

    I spent far too long analyzing those do de do do doooos and I can’t, for the life of me, think of how that’s supposed to sound. What’s wrong with me? Are we even from the same family?

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