A New Year’s Resolution

January 8, 2008

It is 2:37 a.m. on Tuesday morning.  I am still awake.  Maybe it was the extra espresso I had in my latte tonight.  Maybe it’s not.  I am an honourary roommate of a girls dorm at Tyndale…so the girls and I went out tonight and had our Christmas gift exchange.  We had fun.

We talked about New Year’s resolutions…which I don’t usually make.  I made a few up on the spot.  But I was interested in the resolution made by one of the roommates, well, it wasn’t a resolution…she called it an aspiration – – to be happy this year.  I think that this is a good idea – to try to be happy.

This resonates with me because I am a people pleaser.  I do things for people to make them happy, regardless of how it makes me feel.  This relates to one of my earlier posts about being emotionally attached to people at times.  I will often to things for people that are inconveniencing and plan silly.  But if it makes them happy…

I would like to abandon my silly on-the-spot resolutions of this eventide and adopt this aspiration with my friend Dani.  And here are a few things I will do to make this happen: evaluate the things I am doing from day to day and decide whether or not they make me happy…my jobs, my extra-curricular activities, my leisure activities, my relationships…I think I will ask the question: are these things really making me want to wake up in the morning rearing and ready to enjoy life?  I think this is a fair question…so I’m going to think about it this week.

One quick note – I don’t think that the happy answer is always the right one.  And it is also worth mentioning that I think Jesus likes happiness.

As a side note…it is pouring outside right now and I think I just heard some thunder!

As well, I had a very nice Christmas with my family in Acton and a very enjoyable time in Ottawa with Ian, Lauren and Christopher.  All in all, a very happy Christmas break.  Good day.


6 Responses to “A New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Ian said

    In reading your post, I am glad you qualified your resolution by saying that the ‘happy’ answer isn’t always the right one. Sometimes the hard choice is the right one, and indeed the path of Christ is often marked with suffering. However, you are quite right in also saying that Jesus likes happiness and takes joy in us waking up each day with a sense of joy and purpose in what we are doing. Sometimes I struggle with this idea, feeling selfish or that I don’t deserve that which would truly make me happy, that to follow Christ means to constantly accept the crap of life. But I believe that He longs to see us thrive and live that abundant life, not in a prosperity kind of way but in a way that aligns with who He created us to be and for the benefit of the Kingdom. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, it was indeed a tremendous surprise to see you and CJ at the door in Ottawa. A fine way to ring in the New Year.
    Take care, dear friend.

  2. jt* said

    it wasn’t the espresso keeping you up. espresso has the least amount of caffine (sp?) of all coffee’s (except, of course, for decafe)!

    how did you become an honorary memeber of a female dorm? i think you would be the envy of many a single male my friend.


  3. angela said

    jason – happiness is playing bingo… ha. or something like that.

    sometimes good things in life make us happy and others not so… and vice versa. sometimes we do live to please other people without regard to who we are or how it affects us… this can be damaging for everybody involved.

    i have this sneaky, sinking suspicion that happiness is this state of being that is never perfectly balanced. we never “arrive” at happiness, in a single moment, in a single decision, etc. we work toward understanding happiness, (and unhappiness). we probably find happiness most often in unlikely places and people.

    i decided this year i don’t like New Year’s Resolutions. nope. i am going to have New Year’s Hope(s). is “hopes” (plural) even a word? i want it to be… lol.

    maybe it’s Barack Obama’s influence, or the fact that “resolution” just sounds so political, but I want to spend my energies on hope.

    oo, a New Year’s hope for you jason: (a quote from the most excellent movie “The Bucket List”)

    “Find the joy in your life.”

    Love, A. xx.

  4. danielleee said

    i too am glad that you qualified that while you are seeking happiness, that you see that the right way isnt always the happy way
    its not
    but i think thats where id like to take this ‘resultion’ and add a twist
    instead of seeking happy could you seek joy?
    i think there is a big difference.
    happy – “is what happens when all your dreams come true” this is a quote from the musical ‘WICKED’ which overall is silly and not profound, but i think it is kinda true.
    when things go your way i think you find happy…
    when things dont go your way and you still find ‘happiness’ in that mess… i think thats joy.
    i think its impossible to attain true happiness (not worldly happiness) for ourselves…. i think God does that through his blessings….
    but finding joy is up to us…
    not even God can make us joyful…
    i think thats a choice
    i think Christ can put situtaions around you that make it easier to be joyful (just the same as He puts situations around us that make us happy) BUT we still need to FIND the joy in those situations
    i think we should all try to find the joy in everything… whether its sucky or great…
    rathan than just trying to just make the happy choice
    so thats my amendment to your bill

    ok also
    this little spiel on joy is really good – mainly from 12.00-25.30 min. its tony campolo

    please feel free to lovingly disagree

  5. dj tanner said

    its a good thing your new years resolution wasnt to blog more….

  6. Ian said

    is this blog dead or what?

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