April 18, 2008

i’d like to say that i’m sorry i haven’t been blogging…but i’m not.  goodness knows probably no one will actually read this since it’s been so long since i have posted anything.

that’s ok.

i have been listening to this song by mutemath – who, by the way i’m totally digging these days.

Everyone has their obsession
consuming thoughts
consuming time
they hold high their prized possession
it defines the meaning of their life

You are mine

They’re our objects of affection
that can mesmerize the soul
there is always one addiction
that just can not be controlled

You are mine

i’d like this song to be about God.  but like most of the people reading this blog…it probably isn’t.  not yet, anyways.  my obsessions tend to fluctuate…so sometimes ‘it is mine’ might be more appropriate…

well…all in good time i suppose…all in good time.


7 Responses to “obsessions”

  1. jono said

    Actually… Since Mutemath is a Christian band; it probably is about God.

  2. wkinchlea said

    Weird thing: Pat, You and Me all updated their blogs within about half an hour of each other…weird.

  3. Patman said

    wait? did you say that most people who read your blog aren’t about God? shoot. That’s it I’m going to stop reading your blog.

  4. Corinne said

    Hey. Haven’t heard this band yet, but the lyrics intrigue me. Nice to see you back.


  5. ian said

    i love mute math. the crazy thing is that even though this song is so good, it doesn’t even crack my top 5 for the album. i’m not sure if they were talking about God in this song, even if they are Christians [Christians in a band, not a Christian band … minute but big difference]. maybe.

    can we expect more than one post per quarter?

  6. jasonlocke said

    I’m not sure that one paragraph read the way it should have…

    What I meant to say was that I would like this song to be a song that my life sings about God. And, in the same way, I’m sure that many people reading this blog would wish the same, though, sadly – for most of us – it just isn’t all that true!

    That being said, it was fun to read different peoples’ responding in different ways. Sorry to see you leave Pat!

    Ian – I’ll try to make it a more-than-a-quarter-kinda-thing…I’ll try.

  7. Chris C. said

    Hey Man,
    A fluctuating obsession is at least better than flatulating obsession.

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