loving the unexpected…

May 21, 2008

Of all the many awesome things I could have been doing this weekend, I cannot think of anything that tops the wicked awesome time I had living, eating and working with some of my most wonderful friends.

This weekend we had the privilege of leading the Free Methodist Church Conference in worship at the Toronto Airport Marriott.  It went from Friday evening until Monday afternoon and was full of challenge, hard work, unexpected turns…the whole gamete.  I was joined by Katy Darley, Shawn Batten, Jonathan Beckwith, Dave Kentie, Craig Bertrim, Faith Amour and Jason Penney in what was really a great lineup – flexible, talented and plain fun to work with.

If I could spend my whole life playing for retreats and conferences with people who I consider to be among my best friends, I would!

My favorite moments are the moments which just hit me (or us!) out of nowhere…the kind of things that are not planned or expected, but just happen.  It’s when tv’s start to fall and someone has to catch them…or it’s when you and your friends are eating and you go to leave and someone you don’t even know has picked up the bill…or it’s when you sheepishly notice your face up on the big screen with sweat pouring off it…or it’s when you see someone you haven’t seen for a while and rekindle a friendship…or maybe meet someone you’ve never met before.  It’s sharing moments where you connect with someone or something on the level of the unexpected.  I love that!

Well…that’s all for tonight.  Just wanted to let the blogging world know that I feel very happy to have been part of such an awesome experience.

Good night!


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