Vote for Dion…he’s a peach!

May 26, 2008

From Dion Oxford at the Gateway

hi all,
well, i’m sheepishly writing what may come accross as the most pretentious note of my blogging career.
i’ve been selected as one of three finalists for the canadian living magazine’s “Me to We” awards in the social action category.

and to make matters worse, i’m posting this note in order to ask you to vote for me.

now don’t get me wrong, this truly is an honour for me and i’m deeply grateful and humbled to be considered for this.

but, it seems far less than humble to beg my friends to vote for me in this.

so, in order to justify why i think it’s relatively safe for me to ask people to vote for me, you need to know that the winner will receive $5000 to go towards the charity of their choice. and due to the fact that the shelter that i work at, Gateway, could really use that money (, i am writing to ask people to take a moment and cast a vote for me online. and i guess i’ll take it one step further by asking you to forward this info to folks on your e-lists that you think might be supportive of this.

it’s easy. just go to and click on the button with my face on it and i think that’s all there is to it. the person with the most votes by June 1st wins.

thanks for considering this


PS – Dion is my cousin…



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