Tonight’s Concert

June 1, 2008

I’m not sure that I have my wits about me right now…I’m pretty tired and living in the wake of a pretty extraordinary event.  But I thought that I would write a brief posting just so that people could know what I considered to be the highlight of the evening.

Some people were really impressed with the Brahams…it was lovely.  Other people were struck by the organ solo.  Ian Sadler is one of the greatest organists in these parts…what an amazing guy to work with.  Many others were handing out tons of compliments in respect to my own composition – A Suite of Psalms.  These things were all great.  But to be honest, I’m not sure that any of these things were the highlight.

O, to be sure, hearing my own composition performed by such excellent musicians was an extreme high…a thrill…one of the greatest experiences of my life up until this point.  The orchestra was wonderful and the soloists did a fine job.  I hope that this is an experience that I have the privilege of having again (and as soon as possible!!).

But the great thrill for me is that this piece could be premiered in a room which contained SO many of the people I love.  There were people in that room tonight from many different parts of my life.  That, I love.  And, after all, what good is music if the right people aren’t present to enjoy it.  SO – thanks friends, acquaintances and family.  It was a great night to be together


3 Responses to “Tonight’s Concert”

  1. Corinne said

    Jason – I am honoured that I got to be present at such an important moment in your life. You are so talented. It was absolutely amazing.


  2. Jim McLaren said

    I hear the evening was great, I only wish that Catherine and I could have been there. Keep up the great work. Hope tp see you soon.


  3. cjlewis said

    and when did you change the format of your blog? and why was a change in format not accompanied by a new post?

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