March 15, 2009

Sometimes life throws us a surprise or two or three or four.  One of today’s surprises is that I felt like logging into my web log and typing.  Some of you will be as surprised as I am!  Most of my experiences with surprises have been positive…some not-so-positive.  But I think I wouldn’t want life without them.  Surprises make us think on our feet.  They give us a sense that there are things around us which ought to be appreciated just a little more.  They also jar us and make us think.  Surprises can bring the greatest ecstasy or the deepest sadness.  They remind us that life is more than a monorail ride…it’s probably an RV adventure – planned and sort-of-not planned (I sense that the Rev. Stephen Thomson would have appreciated that).  And, as much as I don’t necessarily LOVE surprises (even good ones, sometimes!), I do think that they throw some oft needed adventures into our lives.

I think that Jesus likes surprises.  Maybe that was part of the draw to invite people into situations which were surprising — homemade mud, healing robes, growing limbs, party favours, seedy company, fishermen-turned-evangelists…a trip to Jerusalem, a defenseless trial, a humiliating death, a miraculous resurrection and ascension.

I suppose the apostles’ greatest surprise – seeing their great friend and messiah defenseless, powerless and lifeless – ended up paving the way for their greatest revelation.

So, bring on the surprises – – at least a few…preferably spread out over a long-ish period of time AND the right people to either celebrate with me in my surprises OR pick me up and stand by me in my surprisedness (read that like blessedness – with the extra syllable on the -ed).

Here’s to hoping that writing once in a while is not such a surprise!


One Response to “Surprises…”

  1. Ian said

    Yes, Jay. Great post – the monorail / RV analogy is gold. I very much hope to see more posting from this moody blogger in the future.

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