The next couple of weeks…

March 30, 2009

With the end of lent approaching, we find ourselves in the last couple of weeks before we commemorate the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ.  As Christians, this is an important time in the church calendar – a time for us to reflect a little more than we normally would just how the last days of Jesus must have felt.  I think that it is good for us to work together corporately to try and experience these varried emotions: the joy of Palm Sunday, the darkness and confusion of Holy Week, the misery of Good Friday, the sadness of Easter Saturday, and the extreme gladness of Resurrection Sunday.

This year at the church I attend, we are going to attempt to work through some of this stuff corporately.  We will spend time rejoicing on Palm Sunday; shouting with the crowds “Hosanna to the Son of David”.  On the following Tuesday we will begin the journey towards the cross of Good Friday with a series of readings and a candle ceremony.  On Wednesday evening we will be joining together in a Passover Seder.  Maundy Thursday will be observed with the help of the sanctuary choir and a Taize service.  Good Friday will be a time where can agonize, with the disciples, as Christ is crucified.  And, of course, Sunday will be a jubilant celebration – – a time to lift up our voices and sing praise to a God who performs mysterious acts – – who is raised from death, defeating it in the process.

I would encourage you to find like-minded people to experience Holy Week with.  From previous years I can say that it is well worth it.


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