I try to spend time thinking every day about what it means to live life well.

After moving around a lot as a kid, I finally settled in the Toronto where I attended university, got my first jobs and live in a great community with people who cause me to experience a whole spectum of emotions (I am an infj after all). I have a great family, wonderful friends and am surrounded by beautiful people most of the time.

If you are bored by artsy discussions about music and poety – this blog might not be for you. Or – if you don’t like talking about religion, politics and philosophy – then I suggest you find a blog where you can share crock pot recipes, automotive repair insights or new macrame patterns.

You want to know more about me?

1.  I was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1980.
2.  My parents are pastors in The Salvation Army.  I have two sisters (Sara and Catherine).
3.  I lived  in Thompson, MB for 5 years – 5 great years.
4.  I moved to Whitby, ON in grade 10.
5.  I attended Tyndale University College and graduated with  Bachelor of Religious Studies degree.
6.  I am a music teacher (band only – – no recorders!)
7.  I am the music director at Wesley Chapel Free Methodist Church in Scarborough, ON.
8.  I currently live in North York with 5 other guys in a house – – wow.

Well – – it’s general, but informative.


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